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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 2, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to mymy panel, especially to you forally watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. fox news alert. oscar winning actor phillip seymour hoffman has died. nypd confirming to fox news his body was found inside his new york city apartment after an apparent drug overdose. we're live in a west coast news room with the latest. >> reporter: this is very tragic news to the entertainment industry. four hours ago police responded to a 911 call and once they reached the apartment building in the west village -- i think we can cross live to that scene -- they found an unconscious and unresponsive male. they confirmed it was seymour hoffman.
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they say he died from an apparent overdose. he did have a troubled history with heroin and had been in rehab as recently as may last year. he had been off the habit for some 23 years after he had succombed to that when he was just the age of 22, apparently the pressures of fame leading to that. the family has issued this statement to fox news. we are devastated, they say, by the loss of our beloved phil and appreciate the outpouring of love and support we have received from everyone. this is a tragic and sudden loss, and we ask that you respect our privacy during this time of grieving. please keep phil in your thoughts and prayers. the family not making any other statement beyond that at this time. certainly his colleague in thent stainment industry -- in the entertainment industry have taken to twitter to express their tkpwrefs. one of-- grief.
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one saying phillip see miles per hour hoffman unbearably shockingly deeply sad word. and sad to hear phillip seymour hoffman pass. what a great actor. was looking forward to see him in mocking jay. seymour hoffman appeared in that earlier this year. he film the third installment. the fourth installment was already underway. we're not sure what will happen to that film as a result of that. hoffman was most famous for his role as truman capoti. he had four nominations in his time and was very famous not just for his acting career in hollywood but also being the director of various plays in broadway. an absolute major loss. because of his relationship in the entertainment industry he married one of his costume designers.
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they had three kid together. the oldest ten, the youngest just five. very tragic news today. >> there are widespread reports in new york not yet fully confirmed that he was found on the floor of his bathroom with a needle in his arm and a couple of bags of heroin were found inside the apartment. we haven't been able to fully confirm that. thank you very much, dominick. phillip seymour hoffman dead at the age of 46. welcome to america's news headquarters. it is finally game day. the denver broncos ready to take on the seattle seahawks in super bowl xlviii. the coin toss just a few hours away. the super bowl is about of course the fans, the parties, the half time shows, those wonderful
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commercials. and today the fortress of security surrounding metlife stadium. let's go to rick live from east rutherford, new jersey. rick, tell us about the security. >> reporter: so far, so good. no major incidents to report here in metlife stadium. new jersey state police have several hundred troopers above the stadium, out on the water, on boats and on foot, in uniform an plain clothes along with a few thousand other law enforcement officials from more than 100 different agencies. this place is on lockdown, has been since last monday. fans are arriving here now. so far, so good. a pretty smooth transition from a compound to a home of a super bowl football game which will be starting a few hours from now. as you can also imagine, the folks with the new jersey state police will probably be pretty relieved come monday. >> i think we'll be pretty relieved. this has been a lot of work, the last six months every day working on this,
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making sure we're exercising and doing it. the men and women on the new jersey state police have done a flawless job to make sure we provide a great game. >> was it worth it? >> absolutely. this is history. >> the lieutenant colonel, one of many troopers who probably won't be able to watch the game because he'll be too focused on watching the crowd and keeping an eye on the stadium. >> he is obviously a fan. are the other fans beginning to arrive? >> yes. every vehicle is being checked. anyone who enters the stadium has to go through several layers, checking tickets, checking credentials, checking bags they may be carrying. anyone riding a train to the stadium also going through t.s.a. checks before they can board a train and have to show tickets to do that. the folks we spoke to, mostly broncos fans so far and they all seem pretty pumped to be here. >> this is the ultimate! >> but no grill; right? >> i guess safety hazard
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stuff. at the end of the day as long as i'm here representing my team, that is all that matters, to be honest. >> you seem pretty excited >> i've been waiting for a long time. >> i hope that guy's dreams come true because if it doesn't i'm going to order a guy named mongo some drinks. >> thanks. before you watch the game, catch bill o'reilly's exclusive interview with president obama fres off his state of the union address, a discussion sure to be hard hitting. with no spin. it all begins about one hour from now at 4:30 eastern time. the u.s. sending more ships to help out with security at the winter olympics in sochi. defense officials telling fox news the u.s.s. mount whitney got underway for the black sea from italy today and the u.s.s. taylor expected to depart tomorrow. in the meantime the i.o.c. telling russian olympic organizers they have to get their act together and
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solve the housing issues. several media outlets arriving last week and they found no place to stay according to the sochi organizing committee only six of the nine hotels for media personnel are fully operational. thousands of journalists arrive tomorrow before friday's opening ceremonies president obama outlined his legislative agenda for 2014 in his state of the union address, the focus jobs, education, the environment. the president says he's working with congress, or at least hoping to, but is also willing to go it aol lone if he has to. well, critics are speaking out about that, claiming a move like that could exceed his constitutional powers. steve centani live in washington. >> reporter: critics blasting the president for vowing to make that end run around congress and making that executive action on his own.
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lawmakers came up with an immigration plan but some are saying this is not the time for immigration reform because president obama can't be trusted to enforce the law. >> look what he's done with obamacare. he has selectively enforced that law and some have raised sturblg -- constitutional questions whether he can do things like that. there is a question of trust here and the white house continues to really thumb its nose up, if you will, at the congress. the president in his state of the union address did it flat-out. he said when congress doesn't work with me, i'll do it myself. >> in his state of the union address, the president did say the american people can't wait and he promised to take action himself if congress doesn't. some kre particulars -- some critics say he's going too far by creating laws himself but the president responded this way. >> i don't think that's very serious. the truth of the matter is that every president engages in executive action. in fact, we've been very disciplined and sparing in
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terms of the executive actions that we've taken. we make sure that we're doing it within the authority that we have under statute. >> the president said he makes no apology for trying to help the middle class. he says if congress isn't going to do it, he will. back to you. >> steve, thanks. a new boss in one of our most important jobs for running the economy, janet yellen is set to be sworn in as the federal reserve chair. what kind of impact will she have on the sputtering economy? economy? look at it. when it comes to good nutrition, my daughter's an expert.
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she is considered one of the most powerful women on the planet. janet yellen taking over as head of the federal reserve
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releaving commercial debt but what's your challenge on this? >> she has a number of challenges. there is one thing to say about her before we even start is that she really, i don't think there's going to be much change from bernanke to yellen. she's what's called a dub, which is she cares more about unemployment than inflation. she woulderr on the side of unemployment. the challenges are huge. we saw what the market did. we saw the market down five percent. that is largely on part of this tapering. that is one challenge. the other one is ironically
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deflation. we are a percent below the fed's target rate of inflation of two percent. if that happens, if that continues, people will not buy things because they anticipate prices will go lower and then businesses demand dries up opbd so we -- and so we could come out of the recovery. >> bernanke says bond buying dries up in 2014. if done too rapidly it could trigger a major downturn? >> they also said they are going to keep interest rates low for quite some time and i don't think she's going to change that policy. >> the federal funds rate is about zero right now and the fed says it wants to keep it there through 2014. she could alter that timetable? >> i doubt that she will. she's really in the bernanke camp. >> here's an analysis by
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market watch on the "wall street journal." we'll put it up on the screen. for investors, the biggest risk right now is that the federal reserve will lose its nerve and raise interest rates too soon. a premature tightening of the policy could undermine the still fragile economic growth, crash the market and keep millions of people out of work. crash the market, millions of people out of work. really already got 24 million people who can't find a full-time job or even a part-time job. >> there's two ways to stimulate the economy. fiscal and monetary. the fiscal policies of president obama have not worked. she is in charge of the monetary. she is the most important person in the u.s. economy. and, yes, raising interest rates could have a very dire impact. but at some point they're going to have to go up. the market's going to have to bite the bullet. >> one last quick question. the fed keeps talking and bernanke in particular, about 6.15% unemployment
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rate. that is the target rate and then he's going to make a major move on interest rates. that's not the real unemployment rate. the real unemployment rate is roughly 15% with 24 million americans, as i mentioned before. >> that is a very good point. but i think they're going to be a little bit more elastic about that 6.5%, more flexible because they recognize that the job market is very, very, it's been a tepid recovery. >> brenda buttner, good to see you. catch her on bulls and bears every saturday morning 10 a.m. eastern time here on the fox news channel. a top g.o.p. leader calling for a major new focus for the party. we'll tell you who he is and what he thinks the g.o.p. should be concentrating on right now with the senate in jeopardy in november, the white house in 2016.
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republican lawmakers are laying out an agenda of their own after last week's state of the union address. sources inside a retreat in maryland telling "the washington examiner" about house majority leader eric cantor's vision for the
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economy. the paper writing in an op-ed, quote, 90% of americans work for somebody else most of them not only will never own their own businesses. for most of them, that isn't their dream. dream to have a good to be with an income that will allow them to support their family. cantor reiterated that point on the sunday talk shows. a lot of the discussions that we had the members at our retreat was we want to help the problems of the job growth and lack of the job growth. we know that 75% of americans are living from pay czech to paycheck. we've come up with some real solutions to help america work for those people to. we want to try to get to the heart of the issues that will effecting most americans. >> byron york is the chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner." a fox news contributor and we were quoting from his terrific column as we often do good to see you byron.
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>> is he recognizing his party has taken the wrong approach. they have been foing for years on employers they should have been focusing on employees who he said are 90% of americans. >> that's exactly right. the quote you read earlier was eric cantor speaking to republicans at their retreat in cambridge, maryland according to a source who was in the room this is belated emphasis. president obama for speech and democrats in the senate and the house they have pushed middle class, middle class, middle class that's where the greatest number of economic anxieties are and the votes are too. on the other hand, if you listen to republicans, they talked about entrepreneurs, business owners, people who start their own businesses and what you are seeing with what cantor said and he has been talking about this for close a-to-a year now but a lot of other republicans haven't. what you are see something is they are finally saying you know, we know most people actually didn't start a business. they don't even want to start a business.
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they work for somebody else. >> it was like the old theory everybody should own a home. no, not everybody should own a home. i'm looking forward to not owning a home. what precisely is cantor's approach now. what he is proposing to help the middle class? >> well, you are going to see a number of things. you are going to talk about improvement to school and school choice. cantor has talked about that you are going to see more tax breaks for families who have children. you are going to see talk about ways to help the long-term unemployed in ways different than president obama is going to be suggesting, perhaps with tax breaks for employers who hire the unemployed. you are going to see issues like that. if you listened to cantor this morning he talked about middle class squeeze tries. he didn't say entrepreneurs at all. that's what you will hear in the next few weeks. >> one of the ways that medicare, for example, could be fixed is mean testing.
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mitch mcconnell and many republicans endorse that. and, in fact, it's literally in the president's own budget. i read it on the white house web site a couple of hours ago, and, yet, the president is refusing to advance it. i mean, there is common ground on something that could make a big difference. so it's very pufling. >> well, it pufls a lot of voters because, you are right. this is one thing that the both sides have expressed approval of. although not at the same time. you know, there are issues in washington where if both sides could get together, hold hands and jump over the cliff perhaps it could be done. now when republicans are saying okay, mr. president, let's enact this change tohat ye actually talked about, now the white house doesn't want to do it. and so they say they want it to be part of a bigger package. so, i think it's one thing that really frustrates voters is when not the sides are disagreeing on something but when they actually agree on something, it still doesn't get done.
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>> well, it's hard to agree when the president takes the very firm position that he will not negotiate. he won't even talk to congress. that's been his most recent position on the last debt ceiling limit. and he continues to sort of take that position. and instead of negotiating and talking with the other branch of government, he goes out and demonizes them publicly, raises money to defeat them. i mean, it's not terribly constructive, is it? >> the short version is look for more of that in the next few weeks and months. because the white house thinks it won. they did win the last few fights they won the shutdown standoff and they also won a temporary increase in the debt ceiling. they feel they are going to win another one. commanding a clean ceiling. that is a debt ceiling increase without any sort of policy attachments to it. there is a lot of rumbling on capitol hill that the republicans may just give in and agree to that. >> you mention the things that, you know, republicans have in common with president, skills act,working families,
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flexibility act. but harry reid won't even consider them and bring them to a vote; is that right? so, you know, it's not just the president but harry reid, are majority leader in the senate. i have got about 20 seconds. >> one of the republicans said in cambridge if he has this phone he keeps talking about the first call he should make is to harry reid. republicans in the house have passed a lot of measures that have gone nowhere in the senate. >> i don't think they ever talk. >> nope. >> byron york, great to see you. terrific column, thank you very much. >> thank you, greg. >> that's it for us. i'm greg jarrett, a healthy you and carol ault is coming up next. hope you have a great week, everybody. [ male announcer ] agine this cute blob is metamucil. and this park is the inside of your body.
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